New Books

A Wrinkle in Time (The graphic novel)

The graphic novel adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time fully captures the magic of the original novel. The story of the Murry family emphasizes the importance of bravery, perseverance, curiosity, and empathy, and the plot demonstrates the value of nonconformity. Illustrator/adapter Hope Larson excels at depicting both the cosmic scope of the tale and the intimate personal actions that put the science-fictional elements into perspective. There's virtually no objectionable content.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid-The Meltdown

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown is the 13th book in the best-selling Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. Like Book 6, Cabin Fever, there's a big snow storm, but in The Meltdown, Greg's mom forces him outside to play in it. The finale is an epic neighborhood snowball fight with snow forts and flags where kids have to strategize, problem-solve, and cooperate -- a great reminder of how important interactive play is for kids to build these vital skills.

Darkstalker-Wings of Fire Legends

Three dragons. One unavoidable, unpredictable destiny. This is the beginning... of the end.
In the SeaWing kingdom, a young prince learns he is an animus -- capable of wonderful magic that comes with a terrible price.
In the mind of a NightWing dragonet, a thousand futures unfold -- and almost all of them, she knows, lead to disaster and destruction.
And under three full moons and the watchful eyes of his NightWing mother and IceWing father, the most powerful dragon Pyrhhia will ever know is clawing his way out of his egg. Darkstalker, the dragon who will change the world forever.
Long before the SandWing war, lifetimes before the Dragonet Prophecy... darkness is born.


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Hoop Genius-How a Desperate Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball

Taking over a rowdy gym class right before winter vacation is not something James Naismith wants to do at all. The last two teachers of this class quit in frustration. The students--a bunch of energetic young men--are bored with all the regular games and activities. Naismith needs something new, exciting, and fast to keep the class happy or someone's going to get hurt. Saving this class is going to take a genius. Discover the true story of how Naismith invented basketball in 1891 at a school in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Center Court: The History of Basketball by Jaime Winters-796.323 WIN

Mr. Ferris and His Wheel by Kathryn Davis-791 DAV

Boy Who Invented T.V. by Kathleen Krull-920 FAR

The Secret Life of a Snowflake

Before a snowflake melts on your tongue, it makes an epic journey. This is the beautiful, full-color story of that journey, step by step, from a single snowflake’s creation in the clouds, through its fall to earth, to its brief and sparkling appearance on a child’s mitten.

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Snowflake by Martin Bentley-551.5 MAR

Snow by Valerie Bodden-551.5 BOD

Story of Snow by Mark Cassino-551.5 CAS


Five years ago, Livy left her friend Bob, who she describes as a zombielike creature, in the closet of her grandmother’s house in Australia without saying goodbye. Bob has loyally awaited Livy’s return, dressed in the chicken suit she made to disguise him, and hopeful about the promise she made to help him find his way home, wherever that may be.

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