Our School Goals


MES wants to nurture readers who are passionate, responsive and feel empowered to access challenging texts with skills and strategies that work for them.  We want to create readers who read to enjoy, and who read to learn. We want students who have a plan for “what’s next?” and who can answer when we ask “what are you reading?”. Success for us is when we hear phrases like “just one more page,” “just one more chapter,” or “have you read this yet?”. We hope that the students who leave MES take with them the passion and stamina to be lifelong readers.


Our goal is to nurture students as mathematicians, who can comfortably, and with confidence, explore and play with number. As a school, we will provide rich math tasks that promote deep thinking while building fluency in computation as they increase in accuracy, speed and flexibility. Students will work independently and collaboratively to see the real world application of their work, value their productive struggle, and take ownership of their own learning.

Mental Health

Our goal is to maintain and improve mental health by promoting staff and students’ social-emotional development, preventing development of mental health challenges, and addressing social-emotional problems that currently exist. We will achieve these goals by advocating for inclusion and connection building, by providing staff training, and by implementing effective mental health support for students, families, and staff.

Project-Based Learning

  • Student engagement is vital for student learning. One of the best ways to increase student engagement is through Project Based Learning.
  • Each individual teacher or grade team will continue to hold at least 1 or more celebration of learning style PBL nights. Upon completion of their project teachers or grade teams reflect upon their project.