Staff Directory


Photo of Kara Baldwin

Kara Baldwin

Vice Principal, Learning Support, Gr 4

Photo of Julie Gilson

Julie Gilson


Photo of Joshua Sherwood

Joshua Sherwood

Vice Principal, PE


Photo of Layne Barnett

Layne Barnett

Gr 2

placeholder image for Michelle Boehme

Michelle Boehme

Gr 6

Photo of David Chapman

David Chapman

Gr 3

placeholder image for Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark

Gr 6

Photo of Leanne Cook

Leanne Cook


Photo of Steven DeWinter

Steven DeWinter

Gr 6

placeholder image for Tisha Gilbert

Tisha Gilbert

Gr 3

Photo of Katelyn Hartley

Katelyn Hartley

Gr. 1

placeholder image for Liana Harvey

Liana Harvey

Gr. 5

Photo of Jaycee Johnston

Jaycee Johnston

Gr 6

Photo of Meagan Kinisky

Meagan Kinisky

Gr 3

Photo of Lisa Landry

Lisa Landry

Gr 3

Photo of Meagan Logie

Meagan Logie

Gr 5

Photo of Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller

Gr 1/Kindergarten

Photo of Shari Miller

Shari Miller

Gr 6

Photo of Brett Nish

Brett Nish

Gr 4/PE

placeholder image for Erin Orr

Erin Orr

Literacy and Numeracy Support Teacher

Photo of Morgan Sabey

Morgan Sabey

Gr 2

Photo of Alex Stringam

Alex Stringam


Photo of Amanda Thomson

Amanda Thomson

Gr 1

Photo of Mira Vanhala

Mira Vanhala

Gr 4/5

Photo of Sabrina Weller

Sabrina Weller

Early Learning Program

placeholder image for Kristin Wilde

Kristin Wilde


Photo of Aric Wutzke

Aric Wutzke

Gr 4

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Kate Harker

Kate Harker

Photo of Cindy Roe

Cindy Roe

Support Staff

Photo of Callee Chalmers

Callee Chalmers


Photo of Shannon Gieske

Shannon Gieske


Photo of Michelle Hoy

Michelle Hoy

Speech Assistant

Photo of Cynthia Ralph

Cynthia Ralph

Assistant Librarian


Photo of Jordan Ducharme

Jordan Ducharme

Photo of Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith

Educational Assistants

Photo of Dee Argueta

Dee Argueta

Photo of Kim Beck

Kim Beck

placeholder image for Megan Clifton

Megan Clifton

Photo of Heather Crapo

Heather Crapo

Photo of Catherine Dudley

Catherine Dudley

placeholder image for Michelle Gibb

Michelle Gibb

Photo of Chalsie Heath

Chalsie Heath

Photo of Emily Heaton

Emily Heaton

Photo of Norm Jensen

Norm Jensen

Photo of Dana Johnson

Dana Johnson

Photo of Shauna Jones

Shauna Jones

Photo of Macey Jones

Macey Jones

Photo of Sharee Jones

Sharee Jones

Photo of Teejay Lybbert

Teejay Lybbert

Photo of Freida McElhinney

Freida McElhinney

placeholder image for Trina Olson

Trina Olson

Photo of Alicia Owens

Alicia Owens

Photo of Rhonda Perks

Rhonda Perks

Photo of Erin Pryce

Erin Pryce

Photo of Leisel Quinton

Leisel Quinton

placeholder image for Jordyn Sabey

Jordyn Sabey

Photo of Barb Smith

Barb Smith

Photo of Christi Strong

Christi Strong

Photo of Amanda Watson

Amanda Watson

Photo of Chelsie Wilde

Chelsie Wilde


placeholder image for Lloyd Cahoon

Lloyd Cahoon

placeholder image for Abdul Farah

Abdul Farah

Photo of Lois Harris

Lois Harris

Head Custodian

Photo of Herman Reigling

Herman Reigling