Monday Lunch Program

School Council Lunches

Schedule for Monday Lunches for the rest of the 2021/22 School year


To order Monday lunch for individual weeks, CLICK HERE



Subway Pizza Hut

Oct 4, 25

Nov 8, 29

Dec 13

Jan 17

Feb 7, 28

Mar 14, 28

Apr 11

May 2, 16

Oct 18

Nov 1, 22

Dec 6

Jan 10, 24

Feb 14

Mar 7, 21

Apr 4, 25

May 9. 23

School Council organizes the hot lunch program on Mondays. This is our one and only fundraiser our school offers. Please help support it! MHS students can also sign up to take part in this. Cheques for Monday lunches need to be made out to MES Council Society.

These lunches are all provided in partnership with Pizza Hut ($5) and Subway ($5.50).  You can also sign up for the school year by clicking here.

SASH Lunches

Hot Lunches will not be offered for the time being.

SASH Disability Support Services organizes the lunch program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. All lunches are $5. If you need to cancel your SASH order for the day, please contact Deb Tinney by 10:00am @ 403-758-3160


To order the lunch from any given day, just print off the calendar (Click Here for the Calendar), circle the date(s) you want the meal for your student, and write whether you would like your student to have a water bottle or a juice box with their meals on Tuesdays, Wednesday, or Thursday. Please write the name of your child on the printed calendar and send it to the school office with either the correct amount of cash in a bag with your student's name on it, or a cheque. Cheques for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays need to be made out to SASH.