Walk/Run Club

We are excited to announce our 11th annual M.E.S. Walk/Run Club that is about to commence on Tues., April 17, 2018!

With the ongoing construction in our school, we have decided to stick to last year’s schedule.  We will be Walk/Running on only Tuesday and Thursday mornings during morning recess only.  Participants will meet outside the school by the playground at 10:15 a.m., the beginning of recess, and will be walking and/or running various routes around Magrath.  Parents, siblings, staff and community members are welcome to join us!

We will be building our our way up to be able to take part in a Colour Walk/Run mini-Marathon of 2 km on May 25, 2018 at the Fish Pond! All students who have joined us regularly and have completed their runs will be able to join us for the mini-Marathon!   The Grade 6 M.E.S. student council has been organizing our 2nd Annual ‘Colour Run’, for those participants who are interested and have permission as part of the mini-Marathon!  Permission slips will be sent home this week for all students wishing to participate in the Walk/Run Club this year.

Donations will be gratefully accepted!

Thank you to all students, parents, staff members and community members for supporting and/or encouraging us to be part of a team who is working together toward a common goal, becoming more fit and having FUN!!

Walk:Run Club.png