Basketball Intramurals begins on January 22. Here is the schedule:




                                    11:50                                                 12:10


January 22                All Stars vs Knights                          Bears  vs Pow-Pows


                                    Bulls vs Lob city                               Thunder vs Giants



January 23                Rockets vs Kings                              Pow-Pows vs All Stars


                                    Falcons vs Lightning                       Lob City vs Heat




January 29                Knights vs Kings                               Bears vs Rockets


                                    Bulls vs Lightning                            Thunder vs Falcons




February 5                All Stars vs Kings                              Pow-Pows vs Rockets


                                    Heat vs Giants                                 Lob City vs Lightning




February 6                Knights vs Bears                              Rockets vs All Stars


                                    Bulls  vs Thunder                             Lightning vs Heat



February 12              Kings vs Bears                                  Pow-Pows vs Knights                                 

                                    Giants vs Falcons                             Lob City vs Thunder


                                    11:50                                                 12:10


February 13              All Stars vs Bears                             Rockets vs Knights


                                    Heat vs Falcons                               Lightning vs Thunder


February 18-22 No School



February 26              Kings vs Pow-Pows                          Falcons vs Lob City


                                    Giants vs Bulls                                  Thunder vs Heat


February 27              Falcons vs Bulls                                Giants vs Lob City


                                    Heat  vs Bulls                                   Lightning vs Giants



March 5                    Playoffs          3 vs 6


                                                            4 vs 5


March 6                    Playoffs         

                               1 vs lowest seed           2 vs highest seed



March 12                  Championship games




Playoffs TBA  - The top 6 teams will play off in single elimination.




  1. Magrath Elementary School will go skating in the month of December for PE. Skating in class will go from Monday, December 3 to Friday, December 15.
    • If you have skates, please bring them. We do have some skates at the school, but not enough for everyone.
    • We require every student to have a helmet (we do have some at school, but not enough for everyone).
  2. To see our skating calendar click here.
  3. We will have a family skating party on December 17th.
  4. Please be aware of the Public Skating Rules.

Triathlon - June 20

Our annual triathlon will start with the grade 4-6 at 9:00 with the 1-3 following at 10:00.

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Swimming Schedule

Magrath Elementary will be swimming in June.

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